Why Maxeff is the best investment:

  • Applications include: Industrial, Naval & Shipping, Building/Hotels, EV/Transportation, and Municipal
  • Reduces amps between 15% to 30% at full load
  • Reduces amps between 50% to 90% at no load
  • Produces higher torque than conventional motors
  • Reduction in KW/H consumption between 3% to 10%
  • Unlimited starts and stops per hour with MAXEFF Soft Start
  • MAXEFF accepts intermittent shaft overloads up to 200%
  • Eliminates the Reactive (KVAR) of the motor at any load level
  • Produces leading VARs at any load less than full load
  • MAXEFF will significantly reduce the energy $$$ and operation costs
  • Works at Power Factor One at full load
  • MAXEFF corrects grid power factor for FREE and reduces grid current