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What Is a Flywheel Energy Storage System (FESS)?

FESS are a form of rechargeable energy storage by taking advantage of inherent kinetic and reactive energy easily created and stored in a spinning high mass electric machine with a compound copper winding to produce electricity.

FESS have long held promise as a sustainable energy source, but significant disadvantages have kept them from being widely used in the past as a long term energy storge medium.

Through extensive research and development, Flywheel Energy Systems has helped deliver on this promise by improving upon previous flywheel designs. By bringing a new combination of existing Common Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware, innovative engineering, and integration to provide the low maintenance of a standard electric motor at a lower cost in record time.

Environmentally friendly from beginning to end.
By taking full advantage of the circular economy, the FESS systems are made copper, steel, Iron and Aluminum all of which are 100% recyclable. The reality of this new concept is, you could literally mine our landfills to provide all the raw materials to make the flywheels, as no exotic minerals are mined in a faraway land….

Flywheel Energy Systems are positioned to satisfy market demand for a more efficient, cost-effective means of energy storage. Focus on localized storage at the point of consumption rather than distribution of energy is more cost effective and a much faster to implement. Low cost energy from the existing grid during off peak demand times, at night where rates are low would allow for utilization of the existing power grid.

Flywheel Energy Systems can also be used to collect energy from a traditional electrical grid, allowing facilities access to back-up power during outages caused by extreme weather. Furthermore, Flywheel Energy Systems control costs by collecting power from the electrical grid when rates are lower and storing it for later use during peak consumption times when rates are higher.

The Electrical Grid problem. We have a consumption problem of greater demand during parts of the day at homes and businesses. By installing FESS closer to the point of consumption, the undersized electrical distribution system no longer becomes is the issue